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Focusing is power,
Get incredible "SPEED"


Why Being? Best project management solution for everyone.

  • Executives

    What to change?
    Many reports from PLM(Pipeline Managers') everyday, but you cannot grasp the whole situation.
    Too busy to read many reports.
    No report tells you the priority.
    Cost cutting is not making benefits any more.
    Hectic priorities result in a "crisis mode" of management.

    To what to change?
    Focusing on Multi Project fever chart only.
    It will tell you all information you need for decision making.
    It will tell you what you should not do.
    It will tell you each project's situation at one glance.
    It will tell you the priority of what action you have to take to make more throughput.

  • Pipeline Managers

    What to change?
    Many reports from PM(Project Managers') everyday, but your pipeline performance is not good.
    No one tells you the priority.
    Always compromising on project scope to meet due date.

    To what to change?
    Due date performance gets better!
    You know what to do now, and what you should not do.
    You accomplish all your project's scope on time.

  • Project Managers

    What to change?
    Too many reports from TM(Task Managers') to focus on what you should take care of first.
    Every task is the highest priority, and you don't know what to do first.
    You don't know if your project is progressing well or not.
    It is always too late to recover when you notice the delay.

    To what to change?
    You know when you should take action,and when you should not take action.
    Color tells you project's situation.
    You know each task's priority and status at a glance.

  • Task Managers

    What to change?
    Everyone is overworking for each task's due-dates.
    You don't get any help when you really need it.
    You always have interrupting tasks and changing task priority-Multi-tasking.
    You always have to submit many reports to PM(Project Manager).

    To what to change?
    You will see the highest priority task you have to focus on.

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